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ImpTab Avatar c1e6—The Pai Sho Tournament

May 21st, 2022

It's the day of the big pai sho tournament! Our heroes are prepared for a day of challenging fun, but they aren't prepared for the person who unexpectedly shows up at the tournament grounds... But with some luck, they'll gain some information, some new allies, and perhaps even an audience with Earth King Jialun himself! Ziah pits her will against a young child. Je-Tsun meets a classy lady. Amar struggles to place a face.

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Audio Credits

ImpTab Avatar’s theme song is “Marauder of the Four Elements” by Ned Wilcock.

The following songs are by the fantastic Kevin MacLeod.

Guzheng City by Kevin MacLeod

Crowd Hammer by Kevin MacLeod

The following songs are used courtesy of Arcane Anthems, creator of royalty-free music for TTRPGs. Support Arcane Anthems on Patreon at

“Guardian Spirit (feat. Jax in the Box)”

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