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The Fate RPG actual-play where we make up everything on the spot.
Also the Avatar Legends actual-play where we make up almost everything on the spot.

ImpTab Avatar c1e12—The Invitation

August 3rd, 2022

Things are rapidly coming to a head in Ba Sing Se. Je-Tsun sits across the pai sho table from Earth King Jialun as Amar and Ziah rush to join him before things turn sour. What secrets will Tiya finally reveal? Ziah enjoys some shaved ice. Je-Tsun speaks without words. Amar's mind escapes him.

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Audio Credits

ImpTab Avatar’s theme song is “Marauder of the Four Elements” by Ned Wilcock.

The following songs also by Ned Wilcock

“The Root Beer Lazy River (Jem’s Theme)”
“These Thoughts Are Not My Own”

The following songs are by the fantastic Kevin MacLeod.

Crowd Hammer by Kevin MacLeod

The following songs are used courtesy of Arcane Anthems, creator of royalty-free music for TTRPGs. Support Arcane Anthems on Patreon at

“Dark Gifts”
“Death March of the Under King”

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This actual play episode uses the Avatar Legends RPG rules by Magpie Games.

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